Saturday, August 23, 2014

Yikes busy but progress to show

It has been ages. It is busy

This is a luna moth caterpillar. As big around as my fifth finger, and longer. Beautiful colours. One of the landscapers was studying this branch of a tree he was taking down. Then he got his phone out to take a pic. I went out to see what he was photographing, and this was it. The moth that comes out is big too. And exquisite colouring. Somewhat similar to this colouring. A soft green with big turquoise spots. Beautiful. I hope he stayed in the area and I might see him transformed.

I was at a wedding in the country and started to eat a rib of pork. A wasp was interested in the same piece. I thought I had shooed him away, but didn't and he bit me on the inside of my lip. Oh my, did it hurt. Benadryl did not help. It took about a week to go away. Ouch.

The garage is above ground, enclosed in plastic, shingles on the roof. Tomorrow the siding, next day the windows, and Wednesday the cement floor.  The electrical and plumbing to go. Tim is looking at a Danish toilet that does not require septic. Completely self-sufficient. More on the that later.

Our landscaping is done. I thought I would do the planting now. But we are doing stuff to the house, including reroofing, so I want to give the workmen 6' perimeter to work. So I am only transplanting the flowers I rescued before the landscaping started. The real garden will have to wait.

Our patio is lovely. In shade all day til about 4 in the afternoon mid August.  Lovely to have shade to eat at, at lunch.

It is all coming along. It is always slower than you wish, but it is fun to see it transform.

Hang in there blogging buddies. Who ever you are!

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