Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So we are above ground. I don't even have an up to date photo. We have three guys working. Today they were on the ceiling of the first floor  putting up the beam for the roof on the second floor. It is massive. Should hold up 10 times the weight of snow from this past winter. The regulations are just so overkill says our builder Al. Our cottage next door which has been up for 100 years has no such beam.

Again, this photo is out dated. I would update the photo but I have lost the wonderful lens on my iPhone. I dropped the phone from a height of 2 feet out of my pocket on a cement floor. It slivered into broken glass. So I found a guy who can replace the back glass panel of the phone for $20. Sounds great. But the camera lens is like it is covered in vaseline. So back to Bracebridge tomorrow to see about this.

It is fascinating watching this guy moving these rocks. The pieces are easily 4'X4'X 6". Huge. He picks them up and places them down like they are feathers. It truly looks like ballet. I am the first to tell him he looks like ballet.

We have been having great weather. No more bugs. Sitting at the dock good. A slight overcast, so not deadly hot. Just perfect. Workers have had dry days. But it is dusty work. My ballet dancer out front at the stone patio kindly sprinkled the hose on his work to keep the dust down. 

It is very exciting. Slow motion, but exciting. I am going to go out now and take up to date photos to post.

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