Thursday, December 29, 2011

the wiping the palette clean

I wanted to get this started before leaving, so my kids could show me how.
I'm hoping that I might feel more connected to my family and friends by writing this blog. Maybe feel a little connected to my life in Canada.
Getting ready to leave is harder than I thought. First I have to say good bye. When you are in pain and exhausted it is even harder to do that. Said goodbye to Elizabeth moments ago, and will say goodbye to Alex and Heidi tomorrow morning.
We sold Connaught Circle and that was huge. 30 years of family living, and only a month to do it.
Mom passed on Oct 29, and after her service early November we started in seriousness with the house. It was done Dec 16. Our things are scattered many places, in cold storage, and  controlled storage, in trailers, with family, with friends, and I have no idea where everything is. I just hope we collect enough to make up a household when we get back.
We came out to Vernon Dec 17 and have had time with the kids here.
We leave Kelowna Friday night, and fly out of Vancouver Saturday mid afternoon. We will spend New Year's Eve at 38,000 feet and be in Singapore very late Jan 1.
Be in touch again soon.
The blank palette starts with an empty apartment in Singapore, so when I say blank palette  mean blank!
See you again.... in Singapore ........ next year.