Friday, May 23, 2014

Hey wait just a minute.

We are retired! We are supposed to have all the time in the world. Well one big HA to that. 

It is crazy busy. We are north, settling in to Bala (pop 400) and loving it. But much to do.

We have met with our builder Al. But our request for a variance wasn't through council, and just passed last week. We planned this last September. Urgh. So we now wait the 20 days for neighbours to complain. I was joking with our neighbour, my nephew, Gord Wade, and he said he was joining the class action suit against our permit. Ha.

We can start taking down trees. But I don't see any tree guys around. Urgh.
Life this time round for me , is a lesson in patience. 

So here is a photo of us leaving Singapore. Dramatic exit.

Here are our suitcases in the airport. We usually travel very light, but we sure didn't this time! Seven, count 'em, seven suitcases! But that all got through and on and home, and we didn't even have to pay extra. I do not know how that happened, but I wasn't about to ask questions.

Now Momma is happy. We stayed at my sister Marnie's and the first night the kids came up for pizza and beer. It was, needless to say. wonderful to see them and be back in the fold.

Elizabeth and Steve

The first week home had lots to do. Get an Ontario driver's licence. A temporary one here and mine is in the mail. I don't even need a medical. In Sg you need a medical as of 65 and every year thereafter!.

BothTim and I bought cars. I bought the smallest one I could get- a mini cooper, and Tim bought the biggest he could -  a Ram 1500 truck.

In Bala, a lovely goldfinch is fascinated with himself and perches on the door of the car, or truck, to gaze at himself in the rearview mirror. BUT he poops on my new car!

There is much to be done. We furnished our 4 bedroom apartment in Singapore with IKEA. We then gave it to the thrift shop at our church when we left. Now we are buying at IKEA for here. At least we are getting good at putting stuff together. We have to get storage things. Oh so much stuff to stuff in to a "cottage" that was design with very little storage. It's a cottage right? Not now. So many summer clothes. A full twelve month's worth, not just the summer months here, but 12 months in Sg. Mr IKEA handyman manages a smile, it is getting so easy for him.

This is what it is all about. Home to kids. And home to family. My two sisters. My twin sister on the left, my younger sister Marnie in the middle, and me (the one taking the selfie, looking like a deer caught in the headlights). We had three days together. Marnie and I went to stay with Judy in Port Colburne. It was food for the soul. And the heart. And all that is good.

This is what I wake up to. Glassy water, sunlight through the pines,  so peaceful, so quiet, so beautiful. Culture shock from Singapore, population 5 million, and an energetic huge bustling vibrant centre. To Bala, Long Lake, population 400. I am fourth generation on this property. From a feeling of no roots and being disconnected from all I knew when I moved to Singapore, to Bala, where my roots run deep, and I am so honoured to be here.

Tim had lit me a fire. I will now put my feet up, snuggle in to the fireside. Oh how I dreamed of this. I am living my dream!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Wow is this busy

I so appreciate that you check in for a new post. I can see that many still connect. I am so busy. I have much to say but just can not do it justice yet, so hang in with me, and I will be back. It is an amazing repatriation. A mind bender.