Thursday, September 12, 2013

ah Muskoka is right

I am heading to the city for two weeks. I have had family, and girlfriends up and it has been fantastic.

Had Elizabeth and Steve up, and my niece and her two boys. Magic times together.

My book club came for the weekend. They handled all the food, I did absolutely nothing. We had gorgeous weather, fire in the fireplace, and ate our way through feasts for three days. I got to lead a book I had suggested, "The Garden of Evening Mists" It is about Malaysia and the Japanese occupation in WW2. I loved that the references to things Malaysian were not new to me because of my travels. I look forward to the rest of my life, having wonderful references to things that I have experienced on this Asian adventure. The book, by the way, is absolutely beautiful.

Then 4 of my ski buddies from Silver Star, who live in Collingwood in the summer, came over for three days. We had summer weather, were in swimming both days, and stayed in the water, not your typical September quick dip, admitting that oh yes it is lovely and "fresh". (read freezing)

I am off to TO. I have a meeting with friends on Toronto Island. My dearest friend Kelley died a few years ago and we planted a tree for her on the island. We meet every year to take our pics in front of the tree. Either the tree is growing taller or we are growing shorter. Actually I think it is a bit of both.

Off to Stratford with my chillens. Heidi, Alex, Elizabeth, Steve, Jill Foster, (Heidi's mom) and me. To see Romeo and Juliet, Waiting for Godot, and Fiddler on the Roof. I ordered these back in January, long before any reviews, so ordered Stratford-Lite. I do hope they are good. Pretty safe with the Stratford Festival. I have only walked out of one performance ever, but that was last year. I hope none this year. We are staying over at a B&B so it will be a lovely visit with the kids.

This stay in Muskoka had afforded me time to think about this adventure. I am so lucky. It is truly a wonderful experience. There are things I will miss when I come back to Canada, as there are things I miss terribly about here when I am there. Such is life. But it was so hard for both Tim and me, at the beginning, and now it is so great. We are two lucky people.

Bedtime stories, no book needed. A Callahan tradition passed on. Tim used to give the best story time, making it up along the way. Elizabeth has taken on the mantle.

Mommy Cindy reading with her two boys, Alexander, and Carter. What lovely names they have (my Alex's first and middle name. I told Cindy she can't have more boys, we have no more names!)

A lovely photo taken by a friend. Long Lake, an evening sky.

can't seem to download photos of the visitors I had. Maybe next time.