Thursday, June 5, 2014

Things are starting

Our project of building a garage has started.Slowly. By inches. Tree guys are here for the second day. They only work half a day. Don't know why. It is not because it gets too hot in the afternoon. It is 11 o'clock on morning of June 5, and it is 9'. That would be cold for the 5 of May. It is like a cold, very cool, October morning. But the sun is not right for Oct. The trees are not right for October.

We are looking at a patch of logs. Beautiful oak and pine, maybe 20" in diameter are down,  in long chunks, to be piled for the sawyer. A portable saw will come on the property and mill us lumber. To watch the two men work. One climbs the tree, with spurs on, and he ropes himself in, and jabs his feet in to the trunk and climbs up. With a chain saw roped to his belt. He then lops off the big branches, and then 10/12' pieces of the trunk. They then drag the branches to a corner of our property that is low ground. We will have a chipper come in and chip these big branches to put as filler in this low land. Another pile of the big long logs are piled for the sawyer.

Here is the patch of downed trees.

The trunk of this topped off oak is probably 20" in diameter.

The other day we saw a fox go by the front of the house. They always seem so majestic. This one stopped to check us out. Maybe 10 seconds stare, then casually sauntered off.

I had a lovely weekend last weekend.  I have spoken of how I yearned for a feeling of belonging. In Singapore, I knew so few, and none with a shared history. Well, I am finding that in spades here. Saturday night we were invited to dinner with a friend of mine from high school. Jane Templeton. A girl who grew up in Bala. We were summertime friends. We have said hello over the years, but she married at 18, and started her family right away. She has a daughter 50, and she has great grandchildren. She is so a lap ahead of me. But we had a wonderful time. At dinner were some old Balaites, and we talked the olden days. Like 50-60 years ago. Summers in Bala. Jane has just bought an old original Muskoka cottage. It is fabulous, but it will be their home, so in fact they will tear it down. She feels guilty doing that, but it just won't work as a full time year round residence.

That weekend at church, we were asked to read. First time I have ever seen Tim read. I have many times, but not up here. We both read, and people came up to us after to chat. Who were we, new to town? and we left church feeling we had made a lovely connection with our church community.

Had company up this week. Dianne and I were out for a drive, stopped in Port Carling. Saw the Wenonah pass throughout the locks. I have not been there at the right time since I was a kid, maybe 60-65 years ago!. It really is a wonderful thing to watch. This steam boat going from Lake Muskoka to Lake Rosseau, throughout the locks that allow for the 12" or so water level change.

This weekend Tim and Elizabeth are doing the Ride for the Cure. Bike Toronto/Hamilton Saturday, and Hamilton/Niagara on the Lake Sunday. I will tag a long in the truck and get them back to TO Sunday. Tim has been training, did a 90 k the other day. It will be 100 k but for two consecutive days. The second day will be the killer. I will take the day Sunday as a tourist in Niagara on the Lake. Looking forward to that.

But looking more forward to the new dock arriving next Thursday!! And the garage finishing. Great excitement. Even greater patience.