Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wow back again!

I have had trouble getting back to my blog. Am thrilled I managed it today.

No new photos ready, but we are heading back to Asia in a few weeks. Going sailing with our friend Norm, so good photo ops.

We are living in our garage apartment that we built last year, because we are in to the rebuild of Southwinds. It is gutted and they are preparing the roof for the dormers so that they will have an inclosed work place for the winter.

So I will round up some photos and try to update my tale.

It has been 4 years that our things have been in storage. I am so eager to have our things around us, settled in our new spectacular place. Patience is the lesson in this life, for me.

Stay with me, more to come.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Oh my heavens, 5 months later!!!!

I can not believe it has been so long. I am sure all buddies following this have long gone. So this is for me. If you are out there let me know, eh?

The garage is finished, but not until after we left for Asia in November! And we thought start May, finish July. HA! But it is lovely and we are happy with it.

 We had some spectacular flying in the Fall. The skies were blue, the colours out of this world, and we had the time to go for gorgeous flights. There are some great advantages of Tim being retired.

We headed off to Singapore end of October. We took two bIG empty suitcases for our friends still there, Rod and Nancy, so they could send some things back with us.
I was thrilled to be back and see my few friends. But it closed a door for me. That was then and this is now.
My yoga retreat was in Bali. It was only okay. No fault of their planning. The problem was with me. The hotel was set in to a very steep hill. From the lobby to my room, one hundred steps up a hill. From my room to dining on the beach, two hundred steps down. And up. My knee (mcl) was at its worst and it was excruciatingly painful to take those steps. So I had room service in my room, I didn't go to all yoga classes, and it was a bummer. So much a bummer NO PHOTOS!

Back to Singapore to meet Tim, and we went on a bike trip to Viet Nam. 5 days on the Mekong Delta. We had a van travelling with us, so if my knee was not happy, I could ride in the van. Well, my knee was okay, but day 3 I fell. My knee was really scraped. In the moisture and heat it was very unhappy. So I rode the van YUCK. To get from the roads (no not roads, paths) to the van I had to be driven by a motor bike. They tied the bike on another motorbike. It was quite a road. My bike on the motorbike ahead was much wider than half the two lane path. It was quite an adventure.

The ride was great. Another girl fell and was with me in the van. The surroundings were very wet. Jungle. Rain. Mud. She stopped at a ferry dock, put her foot down, it slipped out from under her and she fell in to the Mekong River. You have never seen anyone move faster than her getting out of that filthy brown water. So I had company in the bus.

A balloon filled motorbike!

We then went to visit Norm on his boat. We thought for five days. Well getting the boat ready took five. Parts to be ordered, to arrive, to be modified, attached, get working. And it went on. At any rate were in the Marina, in the stinking heat, but a wonderful time with dear Norm.

A beauty sunset.

On our way. A stop at Railay Beach, where we had already been twice. But before we were at the hotel looking at those gorgeous sailing boats anchored off shore. Now we were one of those beautiful boats.

This are tokens left at a cave on the beach. They look familiar? They should. Yes, it is called Penis Cave. Not sure why people leave these there......

Tim at the beach acquiring yet another skill. Twirling a baton. Maybe his next job will be with a marching band.

The spectacular hong islands in the background.

Norm's daughter, Talia, and her friend joined us on the trip. They would take the dinghy from where we were anchored off shore and go in to party all night. Ah to be young!

Ah to be young AND bright and chipper the next day to take the helm!

The two of us happy happy.

The two captains solving the problems of the world.

We took a night at the end of the trip to stay overnight  in a lovely place. This was our room, our villa, our cabin. It was just as charming as it looked.

I now have a major catch -up. We are out west. It is February. I will fill in some of that chapter next time.