Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some better photos.

No photo captures the real effect. At least not my photos.
From what will be a stone patio down to the lake with our dock and red Muskoka chairs.

These stairs are amazing. He works with a level to set them. He has a stone cutter to slice the sides of the stones to give an even edge.

From our dock up the steps to the digger at the patio. See our steps in to the water on the right. This is an alternative to digging a sand beach. Minimal change to the shoreline for water habitat.
Steps are sort of hidden a little from the dock. Lovely. Sand under the hammock. A sitting area that is right at the water but in shade all day.

Of course our other dock happily docking CF-LIL and our sea-doo named Evie. My mother (Evelyn/Evie) did not like sea-doos. But that was because they used to be so noisy. This one is quiet. I am sure she would love it. It is  SO much fun.

Here is our plastic wrapped garage. That orange beam could hold up a 747, or an ocean liner, or a ....
The view will be lovely.

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