Thursday, October 9, 2014

Oh my it has been so long

Why things are so busy I do not know.

Our garage plods along. It is a gorgeous colour of navy blue. I am thrilled with the colour. I have not seen any home/garage with this colour. I will take a pic which I am sure will not show it to advantage.
We have been working with a designer. He is wonderful. Gerald. He saves us much wandering the internet. We asked him to give us some ideas for the house next year. He said he would come up with a few. He sent the first one and we said don't bother with any more. We LOVE what you have designed. The work on the house should start next Sept 2015.

The navy just does not copy. This looks flat and dull. It's not. It is rich.

I am in the sprint position to head back to Singapore. The last six months, YES SIX MONTHS. have been interesting. The planning of garage takes a great deal of time. Buying anything involves searching on the internet, then shopping an hour away.

I got out of doing yoga. The summer classes, which are done on a private dock were just okay. I think any class would be a distant second to my experience in Singapore. Also the classes started at 8:30. Just that little bit earlier. I am relishing sleeping, after years of very poor sleep. So I just don't make it for 8:30.

Then I was gardening, and kneeling on stone. My knee hurt but I thought oh it will be fine tomorrow. But then tomorrow I was kneeling for another 4 hours. Oh well, it will take a little longer to feel better. Well, 6 weeks later it was still very painful, in fact more painful than the next day. Long story short I am doing physio for an MCL. So as a result, out of shape, out of exercising, and feeling it and looking it. Weight on. YUCK

Two weeks until we head back to Singapore. I can not believe it has been 6 months. As I think of packing, I have to tell myself, I do not need long sleeves, in fact not short sleeves, just tank top. We plan my yoga retreat in Phuket, go sailing with our dear friend Norm, go biking in Vietnam, and go to Laos. Be away about a month. Home end of November and then off to BC! Yikes.

We had visitors from Germany. Our nanny when Elizabeth was born, Annette Appel and her husband Berndt. It was wonderful to see them and to get together with the kids. A photo of 28 years later.

Norm came for a week. He is the gentlest, most friendly, interesting guy. I do love him. He has become a very important person in our lives.

The colours are as beautiful as I have ever seen them. Of course flying over them is spectacular. We
have had some lovely flights

But it is very much the end of summer. It is 7', windy and wet. We will start putting things away for the winter. We have a trip  to TO and have been invited to the Toronto Art Show. We will pick up a painting we bought at the Affordable Art Show in Singapore last year. To save shipping we waited and had the gallery bring it over with their stock for this show. I am excited to see it.

Repatriating is tricky. We have come back to a new/old place. A place we know very well. but new to us as our home. We are living in a small town. Through the summer it had a vibrancy. But now it is grey Fall, and the population from 5000 to 350. We have an election which has a very divisive nature. The issues have polarized folks into for or against. It is sad to see.

Thanks for hanging in with me, blogging buddies.

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  1. I don't know if you'd be interested, but I have transcribed some of my father's Long Lake papers. The 1968 Long Lake cottagers association.